Meet Lauren and Andrew

Andrew Mercer is a Special Educational Needs Consultant with a SEN Masters Degree in Autism. He has been working in the field of autism and social communication for 20 years. Andrew is passionate about offering and making sure the best support possible is in place for individuals with social communication needs including autism spectrum conditions. Andrew has worked for both Plymouth and Cornwall Councils as an autism advisor and is now happy to be independent and able to continue helping individuals, families, schools and other settings.

Lauren Ladd is an independent autism specialist who is part way through her masters degree in education. She has worked with children and young people with autism for 11 years in a range of roles including schools, residential centres and individual homes. She is a qualified higher education lecturer and has spent all her working life in education. She is passionate about improving provision and support for those on the autism spectrum and there families and is so pleased to have the opportunity to work independently to provide the support she feels is so needed in the autism community. 


Meet Lauren and Andrew


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